Refund Policy

As you will see from the booking form, VeloCity Rides takes great care and consideration to prepare the bikes to suit each individual. As well as getting the equipment ready there are a number of other operational requirements which take time to organise.

For this reason we need to make bookings usually at least 48 hours in advance. Therefore please be advised that the following fee structure will apply in the event of booking cancellations.

For less than 24 hours notice the full fee will apply and no refund will be given.

Between 24-48 hours prior to the ride 25% of the fee will be charged and a refund of 75% will be given. (N.B) If the ride is rebooked to another time then a nominal fee of just $10 will be charged.

Notice of cancellation within 2 or more days before the ride will result in a full refund.

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