e-Scooter Rentals

How it Works

We make this as simple as possible for you. We come to you – we deliver your scooter and collect it from your accommodation. Scooters are usually delivered in the afternoon or evening of the day before your booking start date, that way you are ready to ride first thing in the morning! Once you have made a booking online, we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery of the scooter.

You will be aware that these are high-end scooters, so we do ask that you treat them with love and care. Please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions for scooter rental, as you will be required to acknowledge that you understand and accept them upon booking.

Features of the scooter:

  • Up to 65km distance on one charge
  • Max speed 17km/h ECO (note: max speed limit on shared paths 10km/h)
  • Recharge 6 hours
  • Front and rear lights
  • Brake light
  • Bell
  • Fitted with lock
  • Supplied with charging cable.

Hire Fees

We charge fixed rate for the first day on our scooters, with additional days charged at a decreasing scale the longer you hire. Payment is required in advance. You can check out how much it will cost for the period you need the scooter below or via the Make A Booking button.

1 day $ 45.00 8 days $ 255.00
2 days $ 85.00 9 days $ 280.00
3 days $ 125.00 10 days $ 305.00
4 days $ 155.00 11 days $ 330.00
5 days $ 180.00 12 days $ 355.00
6 days $ 205.00 13 days $ 380.00
7 days $ 230.00 14 days $ 405.00

Contact us or make a booking, for pricing above 14 days.


Depending on how far your accommodation is from the CBD, you may be charged a delivery fee. Delivery within the CBD is free.

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