Whether you have a strict training regime or just want to keep up your riding routine, VeloCity Rides make it easy. There is some brilliant riding in Perth. Cycling greats such as brothers, Cameron and Travis Meyer, Luke Durbridge, and Henk Vogels, (senior and junior!) hale from here, one of the most isolated cities in the world. Although the terrain is relatively flat, we do have some excellent hills to explore, and the wind in Perth often provides that added challenge.

You may have brought your faithful steed with you, or would like to hire one of our high-end carbon road bikes. Either way we can offer the following ride options.

Link to one of these sites for gpx files and routes in the public domain.

Register your email to download one of our custom gpx files.

Book a personal guide. No need to worry about unfamiliar streets or routes. One of our local heroes will take you on a great ride for a couple of hours, a day or longer. Let us know what you have in mind.

Join one of the many club or group rides across the Perth region, cycling with like-minded people.


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