VeloCity Rides and the Best Group Bike Rides In Perth

One of the best ways to experience the beautiful city of Perth is by taking the time to cycle to and from the many beautiful vistas and areas of the scenic area. Whether you are a resident of Perth or a visitor on business or holiday,  joining one of the many group bike rides around Perth on one of VeloCity Rides high end bikes is one of the most satisfying and entertaining to experience the city.

At VeloCity Rides, we offer only the best possible equipment for rental, and are proud to say that we have the most advanced equipment available for rental in the entire city. All of our Focus and Cervelo branded carbon framed bikes for rent come equipped with a high end Ultegra or Dura Ace Di2 electronic gearshift, in addition to being fitted with all of the accessories a professional cyclist would expect to ensure a comfortable a safe ride.

One of the most popular ways to see the beautiful Perth scenery is by joining one of the many group cycle rides, which take cyclists around the city and river. There are two different sets of group cycles. The weekday rides begin at 5:30 and travel a distance of 50 km, running at a brisk but manageable average pace of about 28 to 32 km/h, returning you to the city in time for whatever your busy schedule might include for the day.

The weekend rides begin a bit later, at 6:30, and go for about 60 to 70 km. Visit our website to learn more details about Perth group rides, and plan your trip around VeloCity Rides to experience the best group bike rides in Perth.