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VeloCity Rides Has The Best Bike Rentals Perth Has To Offer

If you are visiting Perth in the upcoming future, consider VeloCity Rides for a premium bike rental. We are a young company with some simple goals, which are providing the best possible …read more.

VeloCity Rides Offers The Best Bike Hire In Perth

If you are a cyclist visiting Perth on business or holiday, you can explore the natural beauty of the city by riding on one the best carbon framed bikes available for bike hire in Perth. At VeloCity Rides our most basic goal is to provide …read more.

If You Are Looking For A Bike Rental In Perth, then VeloCity Rides Has You Covered

If you are planning a holiday in our beautiful city of Perth, consider renting a premium bicycle for you and the rest of your party to get the most out of your trip. Exploring a new city by bike can be extremely rewarding, giving you great …read more.

VeloCity Rides Offers Premium Carbon Bike Hire In Perth

At VeloCity Rides, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality carbon bike hire in Perth available. We offer the most up-to-date equipment, most convenient rental services and …read more.

If You Need A Carbon Road Bike Hire In Perth, VeloCity Rides Has The Bikes You Want

At VeloCity Rides, we know the advantages of riding a true premium quality carbon road bike, and know how frustrating it can be when you want to enjoy a ride in a new city but don’t have access to the level of equipment you are accustomed to. That’s why we are dedicated to providing …read more.

VeloCity Rides Have The Best Cycling Groups In Perth

If you want to explore the scenic vistas of Perth, you can’t find a more invigorating and rewarding way than joining one of VeloCity Rides’ cycling groups. At VeloCity rides we offer premium equipment, hassle-free rentals and …read more.

VeloCity Rides Has The Best Group Bike Rides In Perth

One of the best ways to experience the beautiful city of Perth is by taking the time to cycle to and from the many beautiful vistas and areas of the scenic area. Whether you are a resident of Perth or a visitor …read more.

VeloCity Rides Group Rides In Perth Are The Best Way To Experience The City

If you are going to be visiting Perth, whether on holiday or as a part of a business trip, take advantage of your time in our beautiful city and experience everything our scenic vistas have to offer the dedicated cyclist by joining us in a ride around the city. From the day we opened we have …read more.

VeloCity Rides Has The Best Perth Bike Hire Services At The Best Rates

At VeloCity Rides, our goal is to provide the most satisfying, hassle-free and affordable premium Perth bike hire services. How can we do that? We have two essential tenets of our business that help you start exploring the natural beauty of the city of Perth as quickly and easily as possible. The first of these …read more.

VeloCity Rides Offers Premium Perth Bike Rental Services

Perth has a wonderful reputation as not only a beautiful city with many rewards for the dedicated bike rider, but as a city that is especially well suited for exploration by bike. After all, its many stunning vistas are easily reached …read more.

VeloCity Rides Offers The Best Perth Group Bike Rides Available

If you are a committed and avid amateur or professional cyclist, then you know that one of the great joys of the sport is getting out onto the road and experiencing some of the wonderful challenges and rides with likeminded individuals. That’s why at VeloCity Rides we …read more.

VeloCity Rides Has The Best Perth Road Bike Hire Services Available

If you are both an avid cyclist and a busy traveler, it can be disappointing to visit the many beautiful landscapes presented by the many beautiful cities across Australia and not have a chance to explore them on a bike. However, if you are visiting …read more.

VeloCity Rides Offers The Best In Perth Road Bike Rental

Have you ever dreamed of riding an elite, state-of-the-art road bike to and around some of the wonderful vistas the city of Perth has to offer? If so, then dream no more, because VeloCity Rides now offers …read more.

Get The Best In Road Bike Hire In Perth From VeloCity Rides

Are you an avid cyclist? Do you have a visit to Perth coming up? If so, don’t miss out on the wonderful views and experiences that Perth has to offer to cyclists just because you don’t have time or room to bring your own bicycle. At VeloCity Rides, we offer …read more.

Looking For The Best Road Bike Rental In Perth? Look To VeloCity Rides

f you own a high quality road bike, you are accustomed to a certain level of performance from your equipment, and having to ride anything less than that can be disorienting to say the least. That why at VeloCity Rides, we strive to provide only …read more.